Hui Jing Chen

Hui jing chen
  • @hj_chen
  • Github: huijing
  • LinkedIn: huijingchen

Hui Jing first dipped her toes in the waters of web development when she built her first HTML website in 2008 for the Malaysia Basketball Association. From there, she discovered the existence of content management systems and migrated the site over to Drupal. She stopped working on the site a year later and her web development journey was on hold.

After a four-year sabbatical, she decided to restart this journey by diving in head-first this time. In September of 2013, a small web agency took a chance on her and gave her her first job in the web industry. She has since worked on projects across a wide range of industries with clients like Mediacorp Singapore, San Francisco International Airport, DBS and Microsoft. Hui Jing is currently a frontend developer at Shopify.

She also co-founded Talk.CSS, Singapore's first CSS-centric meetup, and since retiring from basketball due to a knee injury, has instead taken up climbing.

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