Articles, Links, and Tools From Online Together: Fall Summit

A compendium of articles, links, tools, and other resources shared by our speakers at Online Together: Fall Summit.

“I Am So Very Tired of Terrible Content” (Kristina Halvorson)

An entertaining tour of Very Bad Content in 2020 with Kristina, with tips on how to prevent your content from being featured in her next earth-scorching talk.

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“User Preference Design” (Sarah Parmenter)

As scary as it seems, it’s time we put a little more control into our users hands, rather than limiting the web to a one-size-fits-most school of thought.

“Truths and Myths About Animation in our Work” (Val Head)

In this session, Val will cover common assumptions around UI animation and how understanding each assumption—whether a myth or a truth—can impact your work.

“Dissecting the ‘Name-Brand’ CSS Conventions” (Miriam Suzanne)

A look at what CSS naming convention systems have in common, where they differ, and how they are informed by CSS itself.

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CSS & The Cascade

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From Miriam

“Modern CSS Tips and Tricks” (Una Kravets)

CSS is evolving at a rapid pace, and with the market share of browsers now being widely evergreen, our ability to use modern techniques is growing too.


Post CSS Plugins

“Habits of the Cross-Cultural Designer” (Senongo Akpem)

If we want to effectively design for modern, multicultural audiences, we have to be willing to challenge our usual strategies and processes. But what are the core actions of the cross-cultural practitioner?

“Designing Beyond Websites: What is Dead May Never Die” (Cheryl Platz)

By embracing new frameworks for modeling human experience and a multidevice perspective, our products can adapt to human needs in the moment, as opposed to forcing adaptations upon us.

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“Design for Cognitive Bias” (David Dylan Thomas)

Users’ minds take shortcuts to get through the day. Usually they’re harmless—even helpful. But what happens when they’re not?






“Remote Meetings That Get Us Back to Work” (Kevin M. Hoffman)

Companies around the world are adapting to business as usual in a distributed culture. For better or worse, that adaptation seems to have carried with it an increase in meetings. Having good remote meetings carries all of the challenges of in-person meetings plus additional layers.

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Kevin’s Book

“Applied Accessibility: Practical Tips for Building More Accessible Front-Ends” (Sara Soueidan)

Sara shares some frustrations, many lessons learned, and a lot of practical tips and tricks for building accessible front-end foundations that you can take and apply in your own projects right away.

“Practical Ethics for the Modern Web Designer” (Morten Rand-Hendriksen)

We need an ethics for our industry, of that there is little doubt. But how do we make it happen? How do we incorporate ethics into our design and development work?

“The Dawn of Design Engineering” (Adekunle Oduye)

What are the specific steps we can take to promote the practice of design technology within our organization?

“Truly Portable Design Patterns” (Jason Grigsby)

A demonstration of how close we are to the promise of design systems by showing how components can flow through our design tools and development frameworks and what challenges remain to be solved.

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Web components and design systems


Content Management Systems


“Mind the Gap” (Luke Wroblewski)

With data informed insights, “live” redesigns, and more, Luke will give you the tools and information you need for successful user journeys.