Presenting the AEA San Francisco 2022 Agenda

We’re excited to share the agenda for our next conference, An Event Apart San Francisco 2022, held December 12–14.

This event features fifteen sessions presented by industry experts, each followed by a live, moderated Q&A session with the speaker.

Join us and learn:

  • Rethinking design with Anita Cheng, Sarah Parmenter, and Preston So
  • Advanced CSS with Rachel Andrew and Miriam Suzanne
  • Front-end focus with Val Head and Jeremy Keith
  • UX best practices with Wil Reynolds and David Dylan Thomas
  • Performance and accessibility with Tolu Adegbite
  • Improving your work life with Erin Casali, Krystal Higgins, and Fonz Morris
  • And more...

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Attending An Event Apart inspires your creativity, adds to your skill set, and increases your value to your teammates, employers, and clients.

With three days of expert insights, community networking, and sharing, An Event Apart San Francisco 2022 is the ultimate learning experience for UX and front-end experts.

Don’t miss out.

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