September Special: Free eBook when you register for Fall Summit 2021

An Event Apart Online Together: Fall Summit 2021 is just over a month away, and we’re excited to share a very special offer:

Purchase a Fall Summit 2021 three-day pass during the month of September and receive a free copy of Eva PenzeyMoog’s new ebook, Design for Safety.

By registering for the three-day event, you’ll not only enjoy inspiration and instruction from fifteen of the world’s top experts; you’ll also receive a copy of first-time AEA speaker Eva PenzeyMoog’s new ebook to help you build better, safer digital products from the start.

From the publisher, our sister company, A Book Apart:

“How will our product hurt people?” As web workers, we don’t often ask this question—but we should. Too often, we design for idealized circumstances, even though our users bring a range of complicated personal dynamics to every interaction. When we fail to explicitly design for vulnerable users, we unintentionally prioritize their abusers.

Eva PenzeyMoog explains how even the most well-intentioned design can be weaponized for interpersonal harm. Through poignant, all-too-common examples, Eva demonstrates how to identify a design’s potential for abuse, how to avoid and mitigate the damage, and how to bake safety into every step of the design process. We can’t build good digital products unless we recognize that our users’ safety, and lives, are at stake.

In addition to all the valuable insights in Eva’s new book, you can also see her session, Justice, Safety, Compassion: Contributing to the Ethical Tech Paradigm Shift, and many more at Fall Summit 2021, October 11–13.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your career to the next level. Check out our detailed three-day schedule and register today.