Seventeen years ago, in December 2005, we held our first conference in Philadelphia. The event we just held in San Francisco was our last.

All things must come to an end, and this is ours. Although we won’t be Apart any more, we’ll always be together — we’ll always reflect back on seventeen years of mind-expanding, industry-shaping talks and be grateful that it happened.

Seventeen years is an impressive run for a conference series in our field, and we might have continued but for two things. One was the pandemic and its impact on travel and live events; the other is the current economic uncertainty. Rather than try to cut corners and risk delivering events that aren’t up to our standards, we made the difficult decision to bring the AEA era to a close.

Our conferences have ended, but our community hasn’t. We hope you’ll continue to connect with our amazing speakers and us through social channels and websites. We especially hope you’ll continue to learn about and advocate for everything we’ve believed in from the beginning: an accessible, ethical web that puts users first.

To everyone who joined us to learn from your peers, from 2005 all the way through 2022, thank you. Your participation in this community meant the world to us.

To all our speakers, thank you for sharing your insights, knowledge, and viewpoints with our community.

To all who supported us in word or deed, in ways large and small, our final bow is to you.

– Your pals at An Event Apart